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AWAL has the technical expertise, experience and resources required to construct and manage the development of new towers. Our team of Site Development Project Managers handles every step of the project, working with both internal and external resources to manage the process. We construct new sites in places where collocation is not an option. We’ll take on build projects on behalf of our clients at any stage in the process—from acquiring a site to managing and owning a new build in progress. Our teams have many years of experience managing large Build-to-Suit programs for major clients and they understand what it takes to run projects smoothly and to deliver on time.

Our Build-to-Suit services include:

  1. Site analysis – land surveys, environmental site assessment, geo-technical analysis, zoning and permitting
  2. Site acquisition
  3. Permits and legal due diligence to ensure compliance
  4. Site development and construction management
  5. Equipment installation

We leverage our extensive experience in tower construction to ensure Build-to-Suit tower projects are delivered on time and within budget. We can take care of every aspect of tower construction and equipment installation, including tower design, site preparation, foundation construction and installation of grounding equipment, tower construction and erection, construction of buildings and equipment shelters, utility access including power and back up, installation of lines, antenna and network equipment, installation of security and monitoring systems and quality control inspection.

Green Sites

Given our country’s unreliable grid power availability, an AWAL telecom site first uses energy sources like Grid Power and then relies on Diesel Generator (DG) & Batteries. In certain geographies that we operate in, there is no electricity supply at all. AWAL sites have telecom equipment that requires 24x7 year-round continuous power supply to support the service.

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