A Leading Wireless Infrastructure Provider

AWAL will make the mobile phone affordable for a common person in far off and un served areas , by increasing their earning by potential manifold.

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Other Testimonials

AWALs Infrastructure holds the potential to host key e-governance initiatives such as census profiling, NGOs facilitation and electronic access to information.

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According to a survey, by sharing Telecom Infrastructure, it will save around $1 billion in capital expenditure of Pakistan Telecom Industry.

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AWAL's Solar Power and Wind Powered Hybrid Power solution are leading the way to provide a clean , with low cost energy solutions in Pakistan.

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Over 10,000 livelihoods (estimated) will be generated by AWAL Towers, with additional spin-off jobs created by its network of vendors, customers and partners.

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AWAL is bridging the rural-urban divide by establishing Telecommunication Infrastructure in the Un-Served and Under-Served areas.

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