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When low-latency connectivity is critical to your business, you need a partner that can help you beat the market. AWAL Telecom provides communications sites along critical pathways for the deployment of private high-speed microwave data networks. These line-of-sight solutions offer fewer hops and extremely low latency. Low-Latency Paths – When milliseconds matter, you want the shortest possible network path between trading centers.

AWAL sites are ready to accommodate your deployment needs, whether your trading strategies are local or transcontinental. Speed to Market – Our professional services help you plan, deploy and optimize your high-speed microwave network and get you on air faster, easier and with fewer costs. Flexibility – We offer solutions that include network path planning, site development and technical support—all designed to help financial services firms build their private microwave networks. Based upon your specific network objectives.

AWAL Telecom will bundle together project components into a customized package that best suits your specific geographic, funding and timing requirements.

Green Sites

Given our country’s unreliable grid power availability, an AWAL telecom site first uses energy sources like Grid Power and then relies on Diesel Generator (DG) & Batteries. In certain geographies that we operate in, there is no electricity supply at all. AWAL sites have telecom equipment that requires 24x7 year-round continuous power supply to support the service.

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