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We at Awal Telecom Pvt Ltd begin with where we are, what we have, and what our customers want. We see it, feel it, believe in it, make our best plan, and begin to build. For us, customers always come first. We understand the requirements of our consumers. We are working round the clock, throughout the year, to meet and outshine the needs and expectations of our customers, Dealers and our own people of Pakistan.

At Awal Telecom Pvt Ltd we believe that an ethical approach is the core value of our organization that goes right to the heart of everything we stand for. Ethical values are evident in every interaction with our employees, customers, suppliers and members of the public

We believe in building long lasting business relationships with our clients and at ATPL each and every client is important. Our relationships are built on trust and integrity, providing the best services and delivering nothing but excellence. I am proud of the dedicated and ambitious team of professionals at ATPL and would like to thank our clients for putting their trust in us and would ensure them that we at ATPL, shall continue to ‘outperform targets’ and deliver par excellence quality and solutions par excellence quality and solutions.

Green Sites

Given our country’s unreliable grid power availability, an AWAL telecom site first uses energy sources like Grid Power and then relies on Diesel Generator (DG) & Batteries. In certain geographies that we operate in, there is no electricity supply at all. AWAL sites have telecom equipment that requires 24x7 year-round continuous power supply to support the service.

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