A Leading Wireless Infrastructure Provider


What we do . .

We build connections:

Wireless technology connects people , devices and networks through the world. We help make that possible. Our multi tenant leasing model offers communications sites that bridge the communication gap, keeping people and industries connected and in touch.

We increase your Footprint:

AWAL Telecom sites are home to cellular and wireless, radio and television broadcasts, microwave and two-way radio communications equipment. Our towers support the networks of our wide range of customers, helping them increase their coverage and capacity.

We are more than Towers:

Where network connectivity is necessary and towers are not available, we provide a number of alternative and in-building and outdoor solutions. We help keep people and businesses connected no matter where their activities take them.

We grow to meet demand:

The demand for mobile device connectivity is exploding and more sites will be necessary to connect people. AWAL Telecom has anticipated this need and we are growing our portfolio so we can satisfy the needs of our customers in Pakistan.

We are long term Partners:

Our business is based upon long-term relationship- with our customers, property owners and investors. We are a company committed to developing shared success with our partners. We are grounded in the needs of today but are always looking forward and planning for the needs of tomorrow.

We do things the right way:

Integrity and accountability are important to us; we wouldn’t conduct business without them and it’s why they are part of our Core Principle. We value our assets, the communities we operate in our people. Educating and training our employees to operate in a safe and compliant manner is a top priority. We respect our natural resources and promote environmentally conscious business strategies,

Green Sites

Given our country’s unreliable grid power availability, an AWAL telecom site first uses energy sources like Grid Power and then relies on Diesel Generator (DG) & Batteries. In certain geographies that we operate in, there is no electricity supply at all. AWAL sites have telecom equipment that requires 24x7 year-round continuous power supply to support the service.

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