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Rapid advancements in telecommunications and IT this past century have revolutionized the world and played a major role in its economic and social development. Today, South Asia and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region are emerging as some of the world’s fastest growing telecom markets.

At AWAL Telecom, we provide mobile network operators and data network providers with cost-effective and fully managed tower solutions. In doing so, we improve coverage and reduce the environmental impact of multiple service providers across the country. By leasing wireless operators with fully managed tower sites, we enable our customers to grow robust and efficient networks. Operators across the world, especially those in developing markets, face challenges in sustaining margins with declining average revenue per user (ARPU).

Population distribution patterns in developing markets complicate the situation since access to telecom services varies significantly between urban and rural areas. This leaves operators in these countries to balance the cost of operations in congested and saturated urban setups with the costs of new network roll outs in other areas. In this context, tower sharing offers a compelling proposition. By outsourcing its infrastructure requirements to AWAL Telecom, operators are able to achieve predictable cash outflows with well-defined cost advantages. It also allows operators to defer their tower-related CAPEX investments into OPEX lease rental payments over an extended period of time. Availability of ready infrastructure from a neutral infrastructure provider like AWAL Telecom enables operators to reduce their time to market, and allows them to focus on their core activities of providing quality service, brand building and customer relationship. Operating and maintaining passive infrastructure in the cell sites is a cumbersome task, particularly in rural and semi-urban areas where power supply is intermittent. AWAL Telecom serves as a single window one-stop shop provider of managed passive infrastructure to telecom operators by undertaking the full range of responsibilities in building and maintaining the sites.

Green Sites

Given our country’s unreliable grid power availability, an AWAL telecom site first uses energy sources like Grid Power and then relies on Diesel Generator (DG) & Batteries. In certain geographies that we operate in, there is no electricity supply at all. AWAL sites have telecom equipment that requires 24x7 year-round continuous power supply to support the service.

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